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Wide distribution network with industry expertise, developed infrastructure and experience and knowledge of local market conditions

TeleChoice has an established regional distribution network consisting of importers, dealers and sub-distributors for the distribution of handsets and accessories in the Asia-Pacific region.

We are also able to leverage on our expertise, infrastructure, experience and knowledge of local market conditions, industry trends and regulatory requirements as well as the unique demands of our principals, corporate customers, mobile network operators and mobile network equipment vendors operating in these markets to further our growth in the region.

Strong relationships with our principals

Over the years, TeleChoice has established good relationships and rapport with major principals such as Mitsubishi, Avaya, Aruba, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson as a result of our ability to consistently meet their sales and market share expectations. As a distributor, reseller and solutions provider, we provide value-added and integrated services. We also offer innovative marketing concepts and closely collaborate with our principals on joint sales and promotional programmes.

Established track record of operating in competitive markets within the telecommunications industry in Singapore

Over the years, TeleChoice has established a track record of profitability and market leadership position in our businesses. To the best of our knowledge, we are not aware of any other company in Singapore which provides a similar breadth of products and services that we provide in our Personal Communications Solutions Services business segment. From customer order fulfillment and supply chain management services through to retail operations, we are able to strongly support our principals and position their products for optimum market penetration.

For our Info-Comm Technology Services, we have built a strong customer base for our "SunPage iDD 1521" services. To augment our services, we have expanded into the enterprise space with the launch of innovative and cost effective enterprise communication & application solutions such as Conferencing Solutions, SMS Messaging, Location Tracking and Mobile Data Network Services. Our solutions extend to design, implementation and maintenance of PBX, IP Telephony, Unified Communications and Call Centre solutions as well as secured Wireless Local, Mesh or Wide Area Network.

Our Network Engineering Services has a proven track record in the planning, design and building of mobile networks, enhancing the coverage and performance of existing mobile networks and assisting in the migration and upgrades of networks. We also have a wide range of products that offer effective and unique solutions to telco operators in the region.

Significant scale of operations across our businesses

TeleChoice operates on a significant scale in our distribution, telecommunication and network engineering services businesses. We are able to leverage on the sizeable volume of handsets and accessories purchased and the considerable international long-distance call traffic generated to negotiate for more favourable terms with our principals and carriers respectively. We enjoy economies of scale in our network engineering operations with our ability to bring together a wide array of services and solutions through partnerships and collaborations with equipment manufacturers and principals.

Our executive management team has proven experience in the telecommunications industry

Our executive management team has proven experience in the telecommunications industry. Our team of qualified and experienced sales, technical and engineering personnel, their in-depth understanding of the markets in which we operate, their ability to identify industry trends and expertise in marketing and branding, have been instrumental in enabling us to penetrate our various markets and to grow in this highly competitive environment.